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10.1 Tweaks

  1. Vexillum, allows you to change color and font of Notification Banners. 10.1 Tweaks
  2. IconBounce, allows you to make dock icons Randomly bounce and Rotate. 10.1 Tweaks
  3. Zephyr, allows you to add10.1 Tweaks amazing iPad-Like Multitasking Gestures to iPhone or iPod Touch. 10.1 Tweaks
  4. SiriPort, allows you to Install Siri on iPhone 4 / iPod Touch 4G. 10.1 Tweaks
  5. MyAssistant, improves Siri power. 10.1 Tweaks
  6. Springtomize 2, allows you to customize your iDevice like never before. 10.1 Tweaks
  7. MusicBanners, allows you to display banner on lock Screen Notifications for track changes. 10.1 Tweaks
  8. Simplexity Appswitcher, improves Multitasking on your iPhone. 10.1 Tweaks
  9. Contact Privacy, prevents rogue apps from uploading your personal contacts. 10.1 Tweaks
  10. WeeTrackData, allows you to display internet data usage in Notifications Center. 10.1 Tweaks
  11. Respring iOS5, is the fastest respring app for iDevice. 10.1 Tweaks
  12. Sara, best Siri alternative for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. 10.1 10.1 Tweaks
  13. SlyCam, take photos directly from Notification Center. 10.1 Tweaks
  14. MirrorWidget, add mirror to Notifications Center. 10.1 Tweaks
  15. RecognizeMe 2.0, adds Facial Recognition capability On iPhone. 10.1 Tweaks
  16. MultiIconMover, allows you to move multiple icons. 10.1 Tweaks
  17. Bulletin, allow you to access Notification Center from Lockscreen. 10.1 Tweaks
  18. FolderLock, allows you to add password to Folders, Settings, Multitasking on iPhone. 10.1 Tweaks
  19. WallpaperLog, allows you to display your Syslog as your wallpaper. 10.1 Tweaks
  20. AirBlue, allows you to send or receive files via bluetooth on iOS 5. 10.1 Tweaks
  21. Sara Dictation, works like Siri Speech-To-Text. 10.1 Tweaks
  22. SiriLovesLyrics, makes Siri find lyrics for your favorite songs. 10.1 Tweaks
  23. AndroidLoader, Android Style Scrolling and Music Applications. 10.1 Tweaks
  24. SiriLaunch, allows you to access Siri from Notifications Center. 10.1 Tweaks
  25. Multitunes, allows you to sync iPhone with multiple iTunes libraries. 10.1 Tweaks