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Top Must Have Tweaks For Your Newly Jailbroken iPhone, iPad [10.1 Edition]

With the release of the brilliant new untether 10.1, there is much more jailbroken IOS devices to modify it and install Cydia through the various packages are waiting to be enhanced. In Cydia offering thousands and thousands of big and so rich that it can be difficult and often inexperienced users find what they are looking for or just for.If you jailbreaking your brand new iPad 4th generation or can be found for the first time iPhone-jailbroken 6S, According to our list of Cydia tweaks (tests) that are certified to work on running IOS 10.1 Tweaks.

  1. SBSettings (iPhone / iPad tested)

Provide useful information about the IP address of the call, which allows quick and easy access. Into existence as a free download SBSettings BigBoss base charges. something that certainly applies when it comes to the usage and ongoing relevance of the SBSettings tweak.Everyone should really know about this package by now, but if not; it allows users to use an Activator gesture to invoke a drop-in settings sheet that gives quick and easy access to a number of system preferences such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, as well as providing useful info such as the device’s IP address. SBSettings is available as a free of charge download from the BigBoss repository.

  1. International Locations for Siri (tested on iPhone)

The reasons for this tweak to the list, but now we must be the only one in America, all Siri iPhone-6S users location services, and all should be good: Why Enter, Siri, it is necessary to search for locations and directions of use on the power of voice based support for the international space allows. 10.1 Tweaks
Though it’s limited to quite an extent, but asking Siri where the nearby McDonald’s is something which everyone should be blessed with around the world. Available for a price of just a dollar at the BigBoss repo, it’s a must-have tweak and sits high on our list of top 10.1 tweaks.

  1. Unfold ( verified on iPhone)

It is pure eye, Candy, and we love it.
BigBoss repo rate available free mind-blowing, this is a tweak to the innovation-based, but is this tweak, it can be to your iPhone-, it should be.

Inspired by a beautiful concept and brought to life by the hard-working devs in the jailbreak community, Unfold for iPhone lets you fold away your lock screen to reveal your app-crowded home screen in a very classic fashion. It’s pure eye-candy, and we love it.
Available for a mind-blowing price of free from the BigBoss repo, it’s a novelty-based tweak, but, given how unique this tweak is, it should be on your iPhone, really.

  1. Reveal (tested on iPhone)

IOS 6S iOS 6S lock screen notifications are great, they’re front and center, clean, and comes with every other nicety you can think of. But, there’s one problem; if you get a text message with a lot of text in it, the whole message isn’t shown, just a tad glimpse of it. This is where Reveal comes in, it allows the user to scroll through the contents of the message right from the lock screen, but, that’s just not it, you also have the option to view the whole message right on your lock screen, how cool is that? It lifts the characters-to-be-displayed-on-the-lock-screen limit completely. the lock screen notifications are great, they’re front and center, clean, and comes with more nicety what you think. However, there is a problem, if you have received a text message into a text message shows it is not just a small glimpse. You how cool is that?The characters of the show - lock screen completely removed from the border.

  1. iFile for iOS (tested on iPhone / iPad)

The iFile app, compatible with jailbroken iPhones and iPads, is considered to be the best file manager available for iOS devices. With advanced features such as Dropbox integration and the ability to edit code on the go, iFile is a must have for any jailbroken user who likes to tinker with their device. iFile comes as a free of charge download with an unlimited trial version but also provides an option to purchase a license to unlock premium features. iFile applications, jailbroken iPhones and is compatible with iPads, is the best file manager available for IOS devices. 5.1.1 Tweaks

  1. Barrel (tested on iPhone)

The Barrel tweak has been around for quite some time but still sits on its own mantle as one of the best tweaks available in Cydia. Barrel is predominantly an aesthetic type tweak that amends the animation that occurs when a user swipes between their device’s home screens. After installation, Barrel contains its own preferences panel which comes equipped with a whole host of different transitions, and a nifty feature of setting a random animation every time it is used. Barrel is available to download from the BigBoss repository. Barrels have been around quite some time to tweak, but it is still the best tweaks available in Cydia, that sits on the mantle as their own. Barrel is primarily a cosmetic tweak the animation that occurs when the user swipes the modification of the device screen. Barrel is available for download from BigBoss base.

  1. Winterboard (iPhone / iPad has already been tested).

Stores Winterboard / Cydia Telesphoreo available free to download for free. As you might expect from a package that is made by the creator of Cydia himself, WinterBoard is one of the most widely compatible tweaks available and exists to give users their device a total graphics overhaul. With the help of WinterBoard, artists can provide themes and additional artwork which allow users to change how the user-interface looks on their iPhone or iPad. WinterBoard is a free of charge download available from the Cydia / Telesphoreo repository. 5.1.1 Tweaks

  1. Activator (tested on iPhone / iPad)

Activator has to be one the most widely used tweaks across all jailbroken devices and comes from the extremely busy and extremely popular developer Ryan Petrich. The package itself is used as a gateway to invoke user-defined actions by using specific gestures. In a default installation, Activator can be used to set certain actions to invoke things like the camera or even compose a new text message. A large number of additional tweaks hook into the Activator library to allow users to set specific gestures to activate them. Activator is a free of charge download available from the BigBoss repository. A stimulus for jailbroken devices, the most widely used of all the tweaks and it’s very busy and very popular with developer Ryan-Petrich. An initial installation, the impetus for some of the things like the camera, please call or write a new text message you can use: Catalyst BigBoss base of free download is free.

  1. SwipeSelection (tested on iPhone / iPad)

The SwipeSelection tweak is one of the recent few that has gained attention due to the fact that it is a package that was born from a concept produced by the design community. The tweak is designed to make text editing, highlighting and selecting a lot easier by using various different gestures. After installation, the user can swipe their finger on the on-screen keyboard to move the cursor around the screen, and holding the shift key and dragging at the same time will allow the user to select a string of text on-screen. SwipeSelection is available as a free of charge download from the BigBoss repository. tweak the text to edit, highlight and select a lot easier by using a variety of different gestures. SwipeSelection BigBoss base is available as a free download of the charges.

  1. Dashboard X (partially compatible)

Dashboard X is one of the relatively new kids on the block and has immediately cemented itself as a must-have installation for jailbroken iOS devices. The main purpose of the package is to afford users the ability to place widgets directly onto the device’s home screen, giving quick access to things which were previously either not available or only available by invoking Notification Center. The tweak is extremely versatile and lets users place widgets at any location on any home screen page by using techniques which iOS users are already familiar with. 5.1.1 Tweaks

Additionally, Dashboard X features an overlaid screen similar to the OS X Dashboard and can be invoked using an Activator gestures that gives quick access to all activated widgets on one screen. Dashboard X is available to download from the ModMyi repository for $1.99.

Relatively new is the X-shield surrounded by children, and promptly jailbroken IOS devices in the form of a joint.

In addition, the shield X OS X dashboard screen and a catalyst on the screen gives quick access to all similar Gestures active files, which can be implemented using. X shield ModMyi stores for $1.99 available for download. 5.1.1 Tweaks

  1. Quasar (tested on iPad)

The Quasar tweak is the first and only window manager specifically designed for use on jailbroken iPads. Quasar allows apps to be launched in their own dedicated window, just like as they would on a desktop computer, and said windows can be moved around with a swipe. One of the great things about the package is its native integration with the likes of Notification Center and the multitasking switcher. Quasar is available to download from the BigBoss repository for a price of $9.99, a little steep, but worth it.

10.1 Tweaks Honorable Mentions

IntelliScreenX (working on 10.1)
AutoProtect (working on 10.1)
Springtomize 2 (working on 10.1)
MyWi 10
Zephyr (working on 10.1)
Switchy (working on 10.1)
BiteSMS 9.2 (working on 10.1)

Other tweaks confirmed to be working on the latest firmware:

Safari UniBar
Swipe for Mail
Five Icon Switcher